Our New Mailer

Here is a little gallery showing off our new mailers. We try to stay as current as possible with the digital age, but some things just work no matter how much technology gets ahead!

Conical Bottom Tanks-Backstory

Originally we only offered the flat bottom tanks in our line of tanks. Eventually, fit was discovered that they are ideal for growing algae with natural sunlight, however some growers wanted to something a little more. Several customers wanted an easier way to harvest the algae from the growth chambers, particularly the bottom. Siphoning works for the flat bottom tanks, and is a great option for smaller scale operations, however large scale operations wanted an easier option. We were asked if we could make a tank that would be able to drain itself and the idea of a paper cone was tossed around. It was all that simple, we tried other options and in the end, using a paper cone like construction was found to be the best method to produce the bottoms. This method allows us to achieve various angles to fit different diameters and specifications. All it took was a request for easier harvests and soon enough one of our standard tank lines was created. 

What Goes Here?

 A great deal of the posts here will be centered around some of our more custom jobs and unique uses for our tanks. Over the years we have been taken by surprise at some of the uses customers have found for our tanks. When we first started, the only model we made was our flat bottom tanks, which we had designed for a project for growing lobsters. From there we discovered they could be used for thermal mass in passive solar design applications, and they were added to the Solar Components catalog, Every other one of our standard designs since then, has origins in a customer request! Even using them for algae growth was proposed by fish farmers looking to get away from using pre-packaged feed.